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ASW Journal

Theses from Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ASW)

ASW Journal is the online journal of the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ASW) program at the University of Amsterdam. The core content consists of a selection of papers written for courses organized by ASW and final theses which ASW students write to conclude their Bachelor program. Based on interdisciplinary empirical research, these theses present noteworthy findings and stories which will also be of interest to broader publics. The theses and papers are categorized in line with the thematic ‘domains’ of the ASW program: Conflict Studies, Global Health, Global Youth, and Urban Studies. What these domains have in common is the interdisciplinary approach which makes the ASW program so unique.

ASW students are trained to research and understand the complexity of current social issues from different perspectives. This approach often results in original insights which are scientifically and socially relevant and which can offer constructive contributions to current debates. ASW Journal offers a platform for these original insights, as well as for the current debate.

To accommodate the debate, we also publish short articles and opinion pieces which tackle current (and sometimes controversial) issues, written by ASW lecturers, students and alumni. Thereby we show that the unique ASW approach is not limited to the class room but is also reflected in how the ASW community positions itself in society: curious, critical, open-minded and very much engaged with the world we live in.

Like the ASW Bachelor program the ASW Journal is bilingual, publishing both Dutch- and English-language content. Our mission is to strengthen the profile and intellectual community of interdisciplinary social sciences, by demonstrating the value of this approach.

The Board of Editors consists of: Martijn Dekker (Conflict Studies), Pepijn Olders (Urban Studies) and Yatun Sastramidjaja (Global Youth, contact person,